Tuesday, November 6, 2012

301 Redirect vs 302 Redirect: SEO Tips By Azim Uddin Webmaster

301 Redirect: The code 301 represents "moved permanently". It tells net that the web site has been stirred for good to a replacement web address.

302 Redirect: The code 302 represents "moved temporarily". It tells net that the web site is simply quickly stirred to the new web address. it would amendment back to use the first internet address within the future.

As 302 redirect could be a temporary direct, it leaves the choice of the way to rank the addresses to the search engines. totally different search engines handle this case in several ways in which. Some can index each the first and therefore the new address; some can solely index the new address. The ranking of the net addresses would possibly drop due to the uncertainty.

On the opposite hand, 301 redirect clearly tells the search engines to ignore the first internet address and solely index the new one. Most of the search engines handle the redirect constant approach. As a result, it minimizes the impact on the ranking of the web site.

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